β€œBe honest,” that is what they always say, β€œthe truth will set you free”. However, let’s face the fact that all of us what to know the truth, but not all of us have the courage to accept the reality. Why?? If we keep on lying they can’t accept us, but if we keep telling the truth it is the same. Being honest doesn’t mean being rude, it means that you’re amazing because you just want to be real knowing that not everyone can do that. Nowadays we are living in a world wherein almost all of us are just pretending to be the person we are not just to fit with them. I just want to remind all of us that we are here in this beautiful world not to please everyone. We have our own freedom and we must enjoy that. You will find genuine happiness by the time you stop pleasing other people. Do whatever you want, if they will judge on being you, then you need to accept or don’t mind them anyway, they are just good at judging other people, but they don’t want to be judge. It is OK to be different don’t be afraid always remember β€œBE HONEST, BE REAL BECAUSE YOU’RE AMAZING”.


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